“Make it Sweet” with Old Dominion

Life’s short, so make it a party.

“Life is short, make it sweet”—the message of Old Dominion’s new song, “Make it Sweet,” couldn’t be any more direct.

Yesterday, the Nashville group released the track along with a fun-filled, feel-good video. What sets this visual apart from your average YOLO-spirited party video are the awe-inspiring shots of natural, mountainous landscapes that give the carefree song some gravitas.

“We walked into the studio one day without discussing what we wanted the next step for our band to be,” Old Dominion said of the song’s spontaneous creation. “The plan was to write a song and record it on that same day… The words fell out and the next thing we knew, we had recorded ‘Make it Sweet.’ It’s raw and natural and 100% us.”


Check out the video below:

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