Luke Combs mends a broken heart in “She Got the Best of Me”

The reason for the teardrops on his guitar.

Earlier in June, Luke Combs dropped a deluxe version of his second LP, This One’s for You Too. It adds five new songs to the original tracklist, which includes the melancholic country rock melody, “She Got the Best of Me.” Now, the song’s been given single status with a bittersweet video to boot.

The clip opens with Combs returning home. Plenty of congratulatory banners are strewn across his lawn, commending the singer for his countless number-one hits. But clearly, none of the accolades seem to perk up the rising country star—he remains sullen throughout.

The video then cuts to scenes of Combs on the road, documenting his whirlwind of a year. He meets fans, plays numerous shows across the country and sits down to pen the wistful tune, an ode to his ex-lover. “She got the best of me / She broke my heart,” he weeps on the chorus. “Now all that’s left of me / Is beating in this guitar.”


Watch the MV below:

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