Luke Bryan releases emotional new song, “Build Me a Daddy”

From his upcoming album ‘Born Here, Live Here, Die Here.’

Luke Bryan has released “Build Me a Daddy,” a heart-wrenching song just in time for the Father’s Day weekend.

The song mourns the loss of a father with both wistfulness and hope. “Could you build me a daddy? / Strong as Superman / Make him ten feet tall with a southern drawl / And a crooked smile if you can,” Bryan sings on the chorus, fondly recalling traits of his own father. “I sure miss him / Maybe you could bring him back / If I walked in with him, it’d sure make mama happy / If you could build me a daddy.”

The accompanying music video is simple yet powerful, capturing Bryan’s emotional delivery of the song in a rustic empty house. The country singer performs alone for the most part, before his two sons join him for a warm embrace at the end.

“[‘Build Me a Daddy’] tells the story of a boy and his dad in a beautiful and emotional way. I hope this song and this story touches you, in the same way it touched me,” Bryan shared on Instagram.


“Build Me a Daddy” is off Bryan’s forthcoming seventh studio album, Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, due out August 7. It was initially slated for release on April 24, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Other previously released album cuts include “Knockin’ Boots,” “What She Wants Tonight” and “One Margarita.”

Watch the video for “Build Me a Daddy” below:


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