Lucero give Memphis soul a shot in the arm with new single

“For the Lonely Ones” is a rootsy, bluesy and gutsy head-bopper of a tune.

“Country punk,” “Memphis soul,” “blues rock”—whatever you wanna call Lucero, they probably don’t care. Judging from their latest single, “For the Lonely Ones,” all the quintet are keen on is bringing as much feistiness, energy, and blood-and-guts blues to country music.

Over three minutes of straightforward guitars, horns and frontman Ben Nichols’ growl, the song betrays none of the finesse that certainly went into it. It’s what you’d drop a dime for on a dive bar’s jukebox, what crackles out of a gas station’s crummy radio, or what may soundtrack your next great Southern road trip.

“For the Lonely Ones” comes off Lucero’s forthcoming record, Among the Ghosts, which is slated to drop on August 3. They’re also celebrating their 20th anniversary this year—and they couldn’t have picked a better song to mark the milestone.


Take a listen here:

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