Little Big Town drop empowering “The Daughters” MV

Their first release of 2019.

Little Big Town have released an uplifting video for “The Daughters,” their first single of 2019.

The poignant clip explores the standing of women in different eras—the ’50s, the ’80s and present day—seen through the eyes of one high schooler. As the visual progresses, it shows how women have continued to fly in the face of societal expectations and created a better world as a result. Shots of the quartet performing the track are spliced in between the narrative.

“This song is about the laundry list of expectations and long-standing traditions put on women,” founding member Karen Fairchild told CMT. “It’s about equality. It’s about hope for our children and what their view of the world will be.”


Watch Little Big Town’s new video below:

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