Little Big Town are “Over Drinking” to get over heartbreak

    The first taste of ‘Nightfall.’

    Little Big Town Night Fall
    Image: Little Big Town official Facebook

    Country quartet Little Big Town have released “Over Drinking,” which previews their forthcoming ninth studio album, Nightfall.

    The group try their hand at honky-tonk on the triumphant song, which features bluesy electric guitar licks and piano chords. Led by member Karen Fairchild, the quartet sing about the aftermath of a bad break-up, advocating putting down the bottle in favor for a little more self-care: “I ain’t on the wagon / These wheels are still turning / But I’m tired of you draggin’ my heart / Through the dirt and the hurt / I’m over drinking over you.”

    “Over Drinking” is the lead single from Little Big Town’s upcoming album, Nightfall, which arrives next January via Capitol Records. In April, the group released a music video for their song “The Daughters.”

    Listen to “Over Drinking” here: