Listen to Jamie Lin Wilson’s new song, “The Being Gone”

The track is set to appear on her forthcoming album, ‘Jumping Over Rocks.’

The last we heard from Jamie Lin Wilson was in 2015, when she dropped her debut album, Holidays and Wedding Rings. Three years on, the country folk singer is back with a brand-new single, “The Being Gone.”

The song is a slow-burning Americana tune that hears Wilson reflecting on her life decisions as she rides down the highway. “If I can make it back to you / Maybe no one will get hurt,” the Texas singer laments on the opening verse.

“I wonder pretty often what affect this life I’ve chosen has on my marriage and my children,” the singer told Rolling Stone. “This song is the result of a particularly low moment on the road, a trip back home where I was really wondering what it was all worth.”


Jumping Over Rocks is due to arrive on October 26.

Stream “The Being Gone” below:

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