Listen to Brooke White’s new album, ‘Calico’

A record about making the most of life.

Last Friday, singer-songwriter Brooke White released her latest album, Calico.

The 12-track album—whose title is short for “California Country”—is a collection of breezy country pop which sees the American Idol alumnus explore themes of love and self-worth. On the title track, White touches upon the positive impact of her reality TV singing journey, which began in 2007.

“I never planned to be on television / But I got a golden ticket out to Hollywood / Every week good people made the time to listen / Felt like they believed in me more than I ever could,” she sings.


On her website, White explained the concept of her album: “Calico is about letting go of what you thought it would be and embracing what it is and where you are and who you are… making the most of it and loving it.”

White previously dropped videos for album cuts “Calico” and “Into the Trees.” Stream Calico in full here:

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