Lee Brice encourages hitting pause on new song “Hey World”

He’s fed up with the depressing news cycle.

Lee Brice has released “Hey World,” a ballad that invites listeners to be still in a world often ridden with anxiety-inducing news.

“Hey world, leave me alone / I don’t wanna turn on the TV / Ain’t nothing but bad news on / Yeah, the rain can wait for another day / This heart’s worn out, had all it can take,” Brice laments, wearied by the constant flow of depressing news.

The heartfelt song was written by Brice with his friends and fellow songwriters Dallas Davidson and Adam Wood.

“We wrote this song from an introspective, truthful place and probably what most people are actually feeling right now,” Brice revealed in a statement. “With everything that is happening in the world currently and how fast-paced we are as a society in general, sometimes you just want everything to stop—just to appreciate what we do have. People are suffering and it can’t be ignored.”


A simple, stripped-down music video also accompanied the song’s release. The clip was shot at Brice’s home in Nashville and captures his emotional plea to the world on piano. At the end of it, the singer moves to his living room to embrace his kids, providing a heartwarming ending to the video.

“Hey World” follows Brice’s earlier releases, the single “One of Them Girls” and his Carly Pearce collaboration, “I Hope You’re Happy Now.”

Watch the stirring video for “Hey World” below:


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