Lauren Alaina gets personal on “Three” lyric video

Plenty of flashbacks, heartbreak and soul.

Would you sacrifice six years of home sweet home for three minutes of radioplay? That’s the big question Lauren Alaina asks on “Three,” the latest single off the country starlet’s sophomore album, Road Less Traveled. And the track now has an emotional lyric video to match.

Giving more meaning to the powerful lyrics, the video features photographs of a younger Alaina mixed with clips of her touring and going about her busy celebrity life. It’s the perfect visual for a song that describes the country star’s homesickness as she reminisces about those carefree days with her loved ones.

“We all sacrifice something or lots of somethings for our dreams,” the singer-songwriter told Taste of Country. “I’m almost always away from my friends and family, but they support me and want me to be on that stage.”


Check out the lyric video below:

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