Kenny Chesney takes to the sea in “Knowing You” video

See Chesney imagine his life as a fisherman.

Kenny Chesney has released a music video for “Knowing You,” from his 2020 album Here and Now.

Returning collaborator Shaun Silva directed Chesney’s video, pairing the foggy mystery of a portside town and men atop a fishing trawler with sunny scenes on an idyllic sailboat. It’s not all smooth sailing, though: The clip embodies the melancholic qualities of “Knowing You,” depicting a man ruminating on life-changing loss on the vast ocean.

“It’s such a pure song,” Chesney said in a press release. “If you listen, you can find the people you love in it. I wanted the video to have that, too. It’s not about being on a fishing boat freezing, but this pain you feel—and also finding gratitude for knowing someone who changed your life. Wherever they are, you know they’re living their best life; they’re shining and doing the same thing for someone else—and that can be in this life, or the next.”


Chesney’s 19th studio album Here and Now arrived in May last year, following a run of singles that started with “Tip of My Tongue” a year prior. The album featured compositions Chesney penned with some of his favourite songwriters, such as Craig Wiseman, Ed Sheeran and Zach Crowell.

Watch the video for “Knowing You” here:

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