Kelsea Ballerini reworks “Hole in the Bottle” with Shania Twain

Their playful back-and-forth adds a layer of mischief to the ‘Kelsea’ cut.

Kelsea Ballerini has dropped an updated rendition of “Hole in the Bottle”, off her March album Kelsea, featuring Shania Twain.

The track, released November 13, bolsters the light-hearted energy of the original with Twain’s full-bodied vocals as well as cheeky banter between the two artists.

Ballerini gushed over the collaboration in a statement: “They say don’t meet your heroes… unless your hero is Shania Twain… then meet her, know her, and make music with her. She’s inspired me in every way and has become a mentor and friend and added some major sass and spice to ‘Hole in the Bottle’ the way only Shania could.”


Twain was likewise full of praise for her fellow artist. “Kelsea and I have sent bits of songs back and forth while at home and I have to say, her raw talent is even more clear on rough writing bits she sends of un-produced vocals and guitar!” she said of the partnership. “I love ‘Hole in the Bottle,’ it really spoke to my own sense of humor and it was so cool to get to do it with a friend.”

The release follows Ballerini’s latest album Ballerini, a stripped-down counterpart to Kelsea she recorded during quarantine in October. Twain, on the other hand, most recently appeared on The Tonight Show in August performing a duet of “Legends Never Die” with Orville Peck.

Listen to Ballerini and Twain rework “Hole in the Bottle” below:


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