Kelsea Ballerini drops video for “I Hate Love Songs”

The country singer mocks all the romantic clichés.

Kissing in the rain, public proposals and all that romantic jazz—it’s not Kelsea Ballerini’s cup of tea. In the country star’s latest visual for her song, “I Hate Love Songs,” she sticks her tongue out at all the typical romantic clichés you can think of.

Directed by Tracie Goudie, the clip starts off like a daydream. Ballerini lies on a heart-shaped bed as confetti rains down on her, snapping the singer out of her reverie. “I hate pink hearts with glitter and Valentine’s dinner / And roses just die in a week,” she sings as she interrupts a marriage proposal.

Yet despite her pessimistic view towards these gestures, the Unapologetically songstress is still a sucker for love. Ballerini lights up when she receives a phone call from a special ‘M,’ proving that sometimes the tiniest act is what moves the heart the most. Or hers at least.


Check out the video below:

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