Kelleigh Bannen drops emotional “Happy Birthday” video

Featuring cakes and heartbreaks.

Kelleigh Bannen’s video for her latest single “Happy Birthday” is anything but a montage of joyful celebrations.

Instead, the black-and-white visual follows the end of a relationship and captures the pains of moving on. In it, the country singer makes phone calls to her former flame whenever his birthday rolls along, only to be rejected. Ouch. “Hey, it’s me, I know it’s kinda late / But I had to call ya / Just to say hello, catch up / You know I was thinking of ya,” she laments on the chorus.

“There’s just something about birthdays that are so nostalgic,” Bannen said in a press release. “Even if it’s just an ‘I wonder how they’re doing’ kind of way. The details of this song are really personal and I think that is why this song has connected with so many people. It’s just a truthful song.”


“Happy Birthday,” which Bannen wrote with Claire Douglas and Dallas Wilson, debuted on SiriusXM Radio during the summer and appears on the singer’s latest three-track EP, The Joneses.

Watch the video here:

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