Keith Urban drops new song, “Superman”

From his upcoming album, ‘The Speed of Now, Part One.’

Keith Urban has released a brand-new song, “Superman.”

The effervescent love song, which was co-written by Urban with Craig Wiseman and remix trio Captain Cuts, compares the empowerment of a beautiful relationship to becoming a superhero.

“When I was with you, baby, I was Superman / Yeah, we were sky high, there was nothing better / When I was with you, grabbin’ that live wire / Where we were Johnny and June in a ring of fire / Now you’re caught up in my head like a melody,” Urban sings on the chorus, over groovy electric guitar riffs and synth pop beats.


“I did a writing retreat here in Nashville, and I particularly wanted to put together people I’d written with, but hadn’t written with together,” the Australian singer told Variety of the experience of writing the song. “There’s this three-man collective from Los Angeles called Captain Cuts that I wrote a song with on the Graffiti U album, and they bring this kind of frat-house, loose, go-at-anything vibe it’s really exciting to be around.”

“Craig Wiseman, a Nashville writer who I really, really love, comes at things from a different vibe again. I put Captain Cuts, Craig Wiseman and myself in a room, and ‘Superman’ was the result of that first-day collaboration.”

Accompanying the song is a vibrant music video that captures Urban performing the tune on top of an animated flipbook. Of the clip, Urban said, “Obviously trying to shoot a video right now is challenging, as any artist can testify. So it’s about trying to come up with a way where we could do something a little different and not just be dependent upon solely green-screen type performance or a solo performance.”


“I was talking with Ben Dalgleish, who’s this really great creative designing artist in my world who put together our whole Vegas show that we did. We were talking about the a-ha ‘Take on Me’ video, and he said, ‘Well, what about a flipbook video?’ He hooked me up with a guy called Andymation, who has a really popular channel on YouTube, and we brought him to start work on the concept,” the country star added.

Urban is slated to release his 11th studio album, The Speed of Now, Part One, on September 18. The record will also include previously released songs “Polaroid,” “We Were” and “God Whispered Your Name.”

Watch the video for “Superman” below:


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