Kathleen Edwards releases new song, “Fools Ride”

Her new album ‘Total Freedom’ is out next month.

Kathleen Edwards has released “Fools Ride,” a new track from her upcoming album Total Freedom.

On the graceful new song, the Canadian songwriter takes a clear-eyed view of a relationship that’s falling apart. “You know how to spend my money / You know how to spin a story / You know how to take me for a fools’ ride in the country,” she sings on the chorus.

Edwards was working on Total Freedom, her fifth studio album, while going through relationship troubles of her own. “It was very hard to resume the record when I felt so destabilized and unsafe,” Edwards said of the creative process, per Rolling Stone.


She credited her co-producer Jim Bryson with helping her through it: “Jim was really such an instrumental part of saying, ‘You could just come over to my house, and I’ll play on a few things and we’ll write a few little things.’ He had such a huge part in my going, ‘Okay, I’ll dip my toes in the water there.’ And then it was like, ‘Oh, the water’s actually pretty comfy.’ Before I knew it, I was swimming across the lake and we were finishing the record.”

Total Freedom is out August 14. Hear “Fools Ride” now:

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