Kassi Ashton drops fierce “Violins” MV

The country newcomer deals with a clingy ex.

Kassi Ashton, one of Nashville’s rising stars, has released a sassy video for her latest single, “Violins.”

In the clip, Ashton plays the feisty leader of a marching band who repeatedly rebuffs a clingy ex. In an attempt to get back together with her, he buys her heart-shaped balloons, gifts her custom mixtapes and recreates the iconic Say Anything… boombox scene, but she pays him no mind.

“I wanted [the video to be] something—and this fits well with who I am anyway—something between Gwen Stefani, No Doubt days, like punk, when she had the blue hair with the bun and the rhinestones around her eyebrows, and of course the queen, Beyoncé,” Ashton told Rolling Stone. “It was very feminine and very sexy and empowering but at the same time, kiss-my-ass punk.”


“Violins” is the latest release from Ashton, who previously dropped the singles “California, Missouri” and “Taxidermy.” Watch her new video here:


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