Kasey Musgraves drops video for “Space Cowboy”

It’s the latest single from her new album, ‘Golden Hour.’

When Kasey Musgrave released her fourth studio album Golden Hour in March, it was met with critical acclaim and commercial success, charting all over the world.

Now she’s dropped the video for the next single from the album: “Space Cowboy,” a forlorn ballad about a relationship gone wrong. If you’ve just had a break-up of your own, be warned. This one will give you all the feels.

The clip, directed by Courtney Phillips, features our country heroine looking back on a romance that’s no more. There are glimpses of where it began to go south, and plenty of shots of Musgrave all by her lonesome—if only to show just how much space she’s given her cowboy.


It’s the perfect companion to a track that’s all about heartache, and a little bit of hope to boot. Check it out below:

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