Kane Brown looks towards the future on “For My Daughter”

Dedicated to his newborn daughter, Kingsley Rose.

Kane Brown has dropped a heartwarming new song titled “For My Daughter,” dedicated to his newborn daughter Kingsley Rose.

The country singer pours his heart out on the touching ballad, where he promises to not let “history repeat itself,” because his own father wasn’t present when he was growing up. Brown also chronicles what he imagines Kingsley Rose will go through in life, including heartbreak and regrettable tattoos.

“They say dads are supposed to shape you and in a way I guess mine did / I knew what I wouldn’t do if I ever had a kid / They say history repeats itself, well, I guess that’s up to me / I grew up without a dad, I’m gonna be the best one I can be,” Brown sings on the chorus.


“I wrote this song when I found out we were officially going to become parents,” Brown said in a press statement. “I meant every word, and cannot wait to watch her grow up.”

Brown previously collaborated with EDM producer Marshmello on “One Thing Right.” Back in April, he released a video for “Lost in the Middle of Nowhere,” featuring Latin pop singer Becky G.

Listen to “For My Daughter” here:


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