Kane Brown, John Legend team up for “Last Time I Say Sorry”

Listen to the stirring new tune now.

Kane Brown and John Legend have collaborated on the former’s new single, “Last Time I Say Sorry.”

The song was written by Brown, Legend and their friends Matt McGinn and Andrew Goldstein. Brown teased the track earlier this year in an Instagram post, where he enthused about collaborating with Legend. “I GOT TO WRITE WITH HIM AND WE BOTH LOVE THE SONG,” he wrote.

Stylistically, “Last Time I Say Sorry” is reminiscent of Legend’s music and vocal delivery. “I won’t say I’m sorry over and over / Can’t just say I’m sorry, I’ve gotta show you / I won’t do it again, I’ll prove my love is true / I hope the last time I said sorry / Is the last time I’ll say sorry to you,” the singers croon on the emotional ballad.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Brown said the two first met backstage on the set of The Voice last year and bonded instantly.


“We sang my single ‘Good As You’ together… and after that, we started talking about a potential collaboration,” Brown shared. “Our voices blended so well together in the room, everyone backstage around us completely stopped what they were doing and were like, ‘Wow.’ They started clapping.” A writing session was then set up that same week, and “Last Time I Say Sorry” was birthed in less than a day.

“[We] started from the same vibe as ‘Good As You,’ only more of an apology song and being on the side of the relationship that you know you hurt someone, but want to make it work. I’m really proud of how it came out,” Brown added.

According to Entertainment Tonight, a music video for the song was in the works, but was delayed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Stream “Last Time I Say Sorry” below:


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