Josh Ritter’s new single has that “Old Black Magic”

It’s the first taste of his upcoming album, ‘Fever Breaks.’

Jason Ritter hits the sweet spot between country and rock ’n’ roll with “Old Black Magic,” the first song off his forthcoming LP, Fever Breaks.

Produced by fellow country singer Jason Isbell, with his band the 400 Unit playing backup, the song is an exciting peek at what’s to come from Ritter. “Old Black Magic” melds Isbell’s rumbling Southern rock with Ritter’s world-weary lyricism and husky vocals, resulting in a captivating five-minute slow burn.

“The songs are very reflective of the times in which they were written,” Ritter explained to Billboard. “As we started coming together and playing, the songs that felt like they were gonna work really jumped out as obvious. From there on, after we recorded [last] August, we had this really nice time to stop and listen and let the songs marinate a little bit. In that time, the world has just become even crazier.”


Isbell and the 400 Unit also collaborated with Ritter for the rest of Fever Breaks, which is due out April 26.

Listen to “Old Black Magic” below:

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