Jenny Tolman drops scandalous “There Goes the Neighborhood” MV

    Welcome to “Jennyville.”

    Jenny Tolman There Goes the Neighborhood MV
    Image: Jenny Tolman official YouTube

    Country up-and-comer Jenny Tolman has released a wacky video for “There Goes the Neighborhood,” the title track of the singer’s recently released debut album.

    In the clip, the singer plays a nosy journalist in the fictional town of “Jennyville,” reporting on three housewives who are all lusting after a new neighbor. But things soon go awry when they find out that, as Tolman sings, he “swings the other way.”

    Tolman’s There Goes the Neighborhood is a concept album which follows the lives of eccentric characters within Jennyville. “It’s not in an egotistical, big-headed way, like where it’s all about me,” she previously told Rolling Stone. “It’s the exact opposite: It’s me getting to portray this character or this person. I always say, ‘If Dolly [Parton] has Dollywood, why can’t Jenny have Jennyville?’”

    Watch the video for “There Goes the Neighborhood” here: