Hunter Hayes struggles through a hangover on new song, “One Shot”

Just one shot too many.

Following the release of “Dear God,” Hunter Hayes has returned with a brand-new single, called “One Shot”—and it recalls a wild and boozy affair.

The track’s a playful dancefloor jam that hears the country singer waking up after a night of partying too hard and drinking way too much. He tries to recount what had happened after that fateful shot of whiskey: “Hashtag no filter / Said a lot of stuff that I don’t remember / Lord knows, I’m guilty / Of a lot of sins that I don’t wanna live with.”

But there’s definitely no remorse on Hayes’ part. By the time the song hits the chorus, he’s already back on his feet as he cheekily points out that he’d probably do it all over again: “Got a lot of memories, not a lot of regrets / Every time I said I’d never do it again / Was right before I headed out for one more spin.”


Who else can relate?

Listen to “One Shot” below:

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