Hunter Hayes embraces “Heartbreak” on uplifting new single

He’s been in some “shit relationships” but that’s not keeping him down.

Break-ups and failed relationships don’t have to be bad things. Just ask Hunter Hayes, who finds the silver lining on his new song, “Heartbreak.”

The bouncy, country pop track puts a spin on the well-worn break-up narrative, and turns it into an optimistic love song. “Another bad first date (Check) / Another ‘nothing left to say’ (Check) / What I mean is, the way I see it / I’m one heartbreak closer to you, you,” he sings to a future love.

“It’s a song about freedom. It’s a song about true honest happiness and love and how there is love for everyone,” Hayes said in a statement. “Not only are you worthy of being loved but there is somebody out there who loves you even though they haven’t met you.”


“Heartbreak” follows Hayes’ non-album tracks “One Shot” and “Dear God,” which were released last year. Listen to the newsong below:

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