Hear JP Saxe’s new song with Maren Morris

“Line by Line” is set to appear on the Canadian musician’s debut album.

Rising Canadian artist JP Saxe has teamed up with country music star Maren Morris for his new single, “Line by Line.”

The track was a cathartic release for the pair of songwriters who find music emotionally powerful. “As songwriters, we spend a lot of our lives trying to bottle up a feeling into a song, and often, the biggest feelings, the best ones… the complicated, detailed, messy, incredible ones… just aren’t going to fit,” Saxe said in a statement. “‘Line by Line’ is our recognition of that… of how one song just isn’t enough to capture it all, but how we’re just going to keep writing, futilely and lovingly, anyway.”

Over gentle guitar strumming, they sing: “Four chords, three minutes, you never fit in it / So I just take you line by line / Ooh, ooh-ooh / I’ll be writing about you for the rest of my life.”


In the accompanying music video, Saxe opens the clip by plucking at an eclectic guitar before joining Morris at the table in a foggy room. The pair then go for a drive under a surreal starry night sky, while belting out their country pop ballad.

Both artists are currently hard at work on their next major studio projects. Saxe is gearing up for the release of his as-yet-untitled debut studio album, out sometime later this year, while Morris is in the midst of writing the follow-up to her 2019 album Girl. Last year, she dropped the protest anthem “Better Than We Found it,” which she performed during a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Watch their video for “Line by Line” here:


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