Hear Brothers Osborne’s third studio album, ‘Skeletons’

The real-life brothers serve up a muscular country rock LP.

Brothers Osborne have shared their third studio album, Skeletons.

From the rhythmic opening track “Lighten Up” to its roaring title track, Brothers Osborne have built an album that flows thick and fast with muscular country rock. It’s a bold continuation of the sound the band have established with their 2016 debut Pawn Shop and 2018 follow-up Port Saint Joe.

The duo—who are brothers in real life—see their aptly titled LP Skeletons as their most intimate album to date. “If Pawn Shop was our introduction, and Port Saint Joe was like the first conversation we had with someone over a beer, then Skeletons is the moment where you start getting down to the real stuff and showing who you really are,” John Osbourne said in a statement. “If you really want to get to know us, this is the record to do it.”


Recording Skeletons proved to be a trying time for Brothers Osborne. Just prior to the COVID-19 pandemic breaking out in the United States, a tornado nearly decimated producer Jay Joyce’s Nashville studio while they were laying down their album.

Against all odds, Skeletons stands tall with its powerful country rock sound for fans of the duo to enjoy. Listen to the album below:

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