Hear Brit Taylor’s new song “Back in the Fire”

The singer-songwriter’s debut album will be out before the year is up.

Country singer-songwriter Brit Taylor has shared new single “Back in the Fire” along with news about the release of her debut album.

The sweeping track was co-written with Nashville native Pat McLaughlin and The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. Serving as her third single to date, “Back in the Fire” follows Taylor’s earlier singles “Waking Up Ain’t Easy” and “Wagon.”

In a statement, Taylor explained the new song’s title: “I knew better, but I’m stubborn. I think we’ve all been there, where we keep going back to someone or something over and over again even though we know it is just downright bad for us.”

During the recording of “Back in the Fire” at Auerbach’s Nashville studio Easy Eye Sound, the trio of talented musicians also completed work on another forthcoming single. Titled “Real Me,” the song shares a title with the singer’s upcoming debut album.


Real Me is slated for release on November 20. Stream “Back in the Fire” here:


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