Hear a new Steep Canyon Rangers song, “Sunny Days”

Their new album, ‘Arm in Arm,’ arrives next month.

Steep Canyon Rangers have released a brand-new song, “Sunny Days.”

The uplifting track, driven by Graham Sharp’s banjo, tells the story of a person who finds someone at their door ahead of an oncoming storm. “Is it too much to hope for that you’d be mine? / What I wouldn’t give to be with you just one time in the sunshine,” the Steep Canyon Rangers harmonize on the chorus.

“It’s got a driving pulse at the top of it, like a rock anthem,” said mandolin player Mike Guggino in a statement. “[But we also] bring it down, and there’s a group solo with the banjo, fiddle and mandolin all playing at once with each instrument occupying a different space. The music releases as the speaker releases that wish to be in the sunshine.”


“Sunny Days” is a taste of the group’s forthcoming album, Arm in Arm, in celebration of their 20th anniversary. The record, which also includes previously released tracks “Honey on My Tongue,” “In the Next Life” and “Every River,” is due out October 16.

Listen to “Sunny Days” below:

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