Harper Grae rises from “Muddy Water” in dramatic visual

It shows her “coming to grips with [her] past and embracing [her] future ahead.”

Harper Grae has released a video for her latest single “Muddy Water.”

In the atmospheric visual, Grae dances through a misty forest and wades through rivers, a poignant visual metaphor for coming to terms with her past while striving to reinvent herself as a musician. “I can’t help but wonder where I’d be now / If I had greener grass underneath my feet / Lord knows there’s no changing where you came from / This muddy waters always been a part of me,” she belts on the track.

“This video illustrates the journey I took towards coming to grips with my past and embracing my future ahead,” Grae told CMT of the clip’s significance. Indeed, the process of filming itself saw her put herself through her fair share of hardship and literal “Muddy Water.” “I remember the twilight water scene the most, probably because it was not only freezing, but possibly the rockiest location we could have chosen for a twilight water scene (I had bruises on my feet and legs for days haha),” the singer said. “I had to get the dunk underwater perfect the first time because we only had one shot.”


When asked what she hoped listeners would get out of her song, she added: “I hope they take away a piece of how I healed from my own story and use what they see or hear as a catapult to help in their lives.”

Grae, born Shanna Henderson, kicked off her music career as a competitor on talent show The Glee Project, after which she moved to Nashville, Tennessee to become a singer-songwriter. She rebranded herself as Harper Grae in 2017, with “Harper” as her grandparents’ last name, and “Grae” being an acronym for “God Redeems All Equally.”

Watch the video for “Muddy Water” below:


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