Hailey Whitters heads home to Iowa in video for “Heartland”

Her sophomore album, ‘The Dream,’ arrives next year.

Country up-and-comer Hailey Whitters has released a heartwarming video for “Heartland,” the closing track from her recent EP, The Days.

In the nostalgic clip, which was filmed entirely in Whitters’ home state of Iowa, the singer visits mom-and-pop stores, spends time with farm animals and performs at a packed nightclub. “It don’t matter how high / You’ve been floatin’ in your blue sky / Nothin’ gets you like goodbye can / When life is out of your hands / Yeah, you gotta let your heart land,” she sings.

“Despite being nine hours away, I still have a strong connection to the heartland where I was born and raised,” Whitters said of her native Iowa in a press statement. “You can hear it throughout my music and I wanted to bring listeners home with me to see and experience it firsthand.”

“Heartland” is the latest track from Whitters’ EP to receive the video treatment, following the title track “The Days.” The singer is set to release her sophomore album, The Dream, sometime next year.


Watch the video for “Heartland” here:


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