Gibson Brothers bring back ’70s country rock on “Lay Your Body Down”

“You better hold onto your hat for this song,” the pair wrote on Facebook.

Gibson Brothers’ 14th LP, Mockingbird, is well on its way. But before it lands on November 9 via Easy Eye Sound, the country duo have teased the record with a rollicking, feel-good single, “Lay Your Body Down.”

The siblings, Leigh and Eric Gibson, move like Mick Jagger on this one. There are bright guitar riffs and a foot-stomping melody that’s reminiscent of countrified rock from the ’70s. “Hop on my pickup truck, gonna let you be my guide,” the pair duet on a verse, their voices in perfect harmony. It definitely strays from the outfit’s signature bluegrass sound—which features the heavy use of the mandolin and fiddle—but we’re not saying that’s a bad thing.

I think what makes the song stand out for me is how direct the lyric is,” Leigh told Rolling Stone. “I mean, the bridge just gets right to and reinforces the point of hardly being able to be home with her. And all the harmony surrounding that lyric only adds to that, like everybody is on board with the same thing.”


Listen to “Lay Your Body Down” below:

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