Garth Brooks shares new single, “All Day Long”

The singer describes his latest as an “uptempo honky-tonk.”

Garth Brooks has unveiled “All Day Long,” the first single off his upcoming album, and it’s equal parts country and rock ’n’ roll.

The track is a rollicking, finger-snapping, thigh-slapping jingle that’s bound to get stuck in your head all week. Overflowing with fiddles and guitar licks, the nostalgic rodeo tune feels like a good ole throwback to the country legend’s earlier works. Written by Brooks with the help of Mitch Rossell and Bryan Kennedy, the song is the perfect soundtrack for those upcoming hoedown nights.  

“From the very first lick, this song is a party,” Brooks said during a Facebook live session. “Country radio, uptempo honky-tonk and summer go so good together!” The rest of his album is expected to arrive in 2019.


“All Day Long” is available only on Amazon music.

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