Eric Church is unapologetic on “Stick That in Your Country Song”

He’s not happy about the state of country music.

Eric Church has released “Stick That in Your Country Song,” the lead single off his upcoming seventh studio album.

On the anthemic tune, Church makes clear his unhappiness with his radio-chasing country contemporaries (who go unnamed). On the song, he criticizes commercial country artists who sing about trivialities instead of hard topics like incarceration, poverty, drugs and gun violence.

“Stick that in your country song, yeah / Take that one to number one, yeah / And get the whole world singing along, man / Stick that in your country song, yeah,” Church spits on the sarcastic yet truthful chorus.


“I’ve never had a song in my career that was a harbinger of things to come,” Church shared in a press statement. “When we recorded ‘Stick That in Your Country Song,’ we had a booming economy and a pretty great world going on. And I remember thinking when I did it, ‘Wow… I’m not sure how relevant this is for right now.’ And within about 30 days, the world changed, and it changed for a while, and this song just became more and more real and more and more relevant.”

Church had actually initially picked another song as his upcoming album’s lead single, but said current events almost demanded “Stick That in Your Country Song” be released instead. “[The world] kept bringing itself almost like a magnet back to this song and back to this moment. So, this song found itself. It wasn’t me finding it, it found itself,” Church explained.

“Stick That in Your Country Song” follows Church’s critically acclaimed 2018 album, Desperate Man. That record included the singles “Some of it,” “Monsters” and the title track.


Earlier in April, Church also debuted a heartwarming new song called “Never Break Heart” on CBS’ ACM Presents: Our Country television special. His new album is expected to be released later this year.

While you wait for more details, stream “Stick That in Your Country Song” below:

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