Eric Church is a country music Robin Hood in “Desperate Man” video

The country star’s new video is an entertaining heist, with shots reminiscent of ‘Goodfellas’ and ‘Baby Driver.’

Here’s an action-packed heist to add a little excitement to today’s proceedings. Eric Church just dropped a video for his single, “Desperate Man,” and he plays a bandit who steals music and delivers vinyls to fans. Think of him as a country Robin Hood.

There’s more plot in the four-minute visual than some blockbusters today. The soul-infused country groove plays over scenes of thieves deeps in a heist. Evoking scenes from Goodfellas and Baby Driver, the film begins with Church waiting in a getaway vehicle for his masked crew. We then see them stealing vinyl records, selling them to dealers and airdropping them to fans.  All while being pursued by ‘EMI agents’—the name of the singer-songwriter’s actual record label. Neat touch.

This is surely one of the most watchable music videos to hit the ‘Tube in awhile. It’s the first single and the title track of the country star’s upcoming album, due October 5.


Watch the heist unfold below:

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