Eric Church drops passionate new single, “Heart on Fire”

It’ll appear on his triple album ‘Heart & Soul.’

After announcing his ambitious three-part album Heart & Soul last week, Eric Church has shared his latest single “Heart on Fire.”

The country rock burner shines with both acoustic twang and dirty electric guitar riffs. Church belts out “Heart on Fire”’s infectious chorus with backing vocalist Joanna Cotten in what is sure to be a highlight of Church’s forthcoming project.

“A turned-up radio but the static was heavy / Couldn’t make out any words but ‘take me to the levee’ / That look on your face was full of wild desire / Soakin’ my soul in gas and settin’ my heart on fire / Heart on fire, heart on fire, heart on fire,” Church sings.


Church plans to release Heart, his first album in the series, in mid-April before following up with Soul a week later. A six-track vinyl EP titled & will arrive in between the albums as an exclusive release for Church’s fan club, the Church Choir. The 24 tracks of the package were written and recorded last year during a 28-day period spent in the North Carolina wilderness.

Previous singles “Stick That in Your Country Song” and “Crazyland” will appear on Heart alongside “Heart on Fire,” while “Through My Ray-Bans” and “Doing Life with Me” will form the opening tracks on &. Finally, “Hell of a View” and “Bad Mother Trucker” will be on Soul.

Heart is expected to arrive on April 16, & on April 20 and Soul on April 23. Listen to “Heart on Fire” below:


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