Dylan LeBlanc is “Born Again” on his new single

    His comeback album, ‘Renegade,’ arrives next month.

    Dylan LeBlanc Born Again Official Audio MV
    Image: Dylan LeBlanc official YouTube

    Dylan LeBlanc has released the cathartic single, “Born Again.”

    The Americana singer explores suffering and rebirth on the jangly track: “You never had to look back until you didn’t like what you saw / At least that’s what you thought
    / That it mattered if you lose or win / It beats you down until you’re born again.”

    “[E]ven though [the term ‘born again’] is tied to religious meaning, I thought it was interesting and thought about my own experience of wanting to be different, tired of pain and how sometimes life literally beats you into a state of submission,” LeBlanc said in a press release. “It literally beats you down until you’re ‘born again,’ until some sort of accordance with the universe takes place, but how everything in your past leads you up to that point.”

    “Born Again” is the latest track from LeBlanc’s upcoming album, Renegade, due out June 7. Listen his new song below: