Dolly Parton and Sia duet on new version of “Here I Am”

Recorded for the soundtrack of upcoming Netflix film, ‘Dumplin’.’

Dolly Parton has come together with Sia for a new version of “Here I Am.”

A track originally from Parton’s 1971 album Coat of Many Colors, “Here I Am” has been re-recorded for the soundtrack of the upcoming Netflix film Dumplin’, which is based on Julie Murphy’s 2015 novel of the same title.

The soundtrack is a collaboration between the Queen of Country and songwriter-producer Linda Perry, and will also feature Miley Cyrus and Miranda Lambert as guests, Vanity Fair reports.


They don’t tamper with the arrangement of “Here I Am” too much, and Parton sounds as amazing as she did on the original more than 40 (!) years ago. Hearing Sia’s acrobatic vocals on this track is also enough to send shivers up the spine.

Listen to “Here I Am” below:

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