Dennis Quaid plays “Mr Lonely” in Midland’s new MV

He plays a good-for-nothing, collar-popping womanizer.

Country trio Midland have released a humorous video for their latest single, “Mr Lonely,” featuring Dennis Quaid in the titular role.

In the clip, the actor plays a slick, collar-popping womanizer in search of his next victim in a crowded bar, where Midland are setting up for their performance. He’s approached by a woman he doesn’t recognize, and as it turns out, she’s an old fling who doesn’t approve of his womanizing ways—she and every other woman in the joint.

Mr Lonely soon gets what’s coming to him, with beer bottles smashed over his head, a pie to the face and a plank to his groin. The ladies break into a quick line dance number while Quaid lies out cold, then set his jeans on fire for the grand finale. It seems “liar, liar, pants on fire” isn’t just a saying after all.


“Mr Lonely” is the lead single from Midland’s forthcoming sophomore album. Watch their new video below:

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