Delta Rae release moving visual for “Do You Ever Dream”

The video was filmed in Iceland.

It’s been more than a year since we last heard from country folk outfit Delta Rae. But the group from North Carolina have returned to share a moving new single, with a video to match.  

“Do You Ever Dream,” co-written by lead vocalist Brittany Hölljes and her bandmates/brothers Ian and Eric, is a poignant ballad that questions a relationship that’s lost its spark. “Do you ever see the future when you look at me?” Brittany wonders.“Or is it just the moment?”

Teaming up once again with director Law Chen—he also worked on Delta Rae’s music video for “Bottom of the River”—the band flew to Iceland, where most of the visual takes place. In it, Brittany finds herself on the Nordic island with a mysterious male figure. Curious, she follows him as they climb mountains and trudge through snowy landscapes. At one point, the man walks off a cliff edge and Brittany goes after him, only to snap awake from what was actually just a dream.


Earlier this week, Delta Rae kickstarted their 16-week residency Delta Rae Revival at Nashville’s Basement, which runs every Wednesday from now ’til December 19.

Watch the video below:

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