Cole Swindell is full of regrets on “Love You Too Late”

Here’s to the ones that got away.

Cole Swindell’s in the midst of gearing up for the release of his third studio album, All of It, arriving August 17. And to give fans a taste of the upcoming record, he’s just shared his latest single, “Love You Too Late.”

It’s a lively country rock tune that finds the singer-songwriter reflecting on a lost love and what could’ve been. In true country music fashion, Swindell turns to the bottle to help deal with the heartbreak and turn back the time—although that clearly won’t work.

“Pouring up another one / Won’t change what I should’ve done,” he sighs on the song’s opening before plunging into an infectious chorus. “She’s out there rolling down some old interstate / Wide open, wide open couldn’t make her stay.”


The release was accompanied by a special ‘concept’ video. Check it out below:

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