Cole Swindell drops new track, “I’ll be Your Small Town”

He’s got big love for a California girl.

Cole Swindell has just released his new album All of it, and he’s now shared the latest single off the record, “I’ll be Your Small Town.”

The song’s a loved-up, guitar-driven melody that gives the singer-songwriter’s voice plenty of room to shine. It ticks a whole bunch of country ballad boxes along the way, too. On it, Swindell tells a love story between a city girl and a small town guy, makes references to country music legends, and sings about backroads and dashboards.

“I can’t be your California / But I can be your pine tree shade in the middle of summer,” he belts out on the chorus. If that can’t convince his leading lady to leave sunny Cali for something a little more low-key, then we figure nothing will.


Listen to “I’ll Be Your Small Town” below and soak up all that easy, breezy country emotion—without having to skip town.

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