Chris Stapleton fends off ninjas in “Second One to Know” MV

He also slays a dragon.

Chris Stapleton has dropped an animated, action-packed video for “Second One to Know,” a cut from his 2017 album From a Room: Volume 2.

In the clip, the country singer and his band—rendered as LEGO figurines—rock out during a stop of his All-American Road Show tour. But a ragtag team of biker ninjas soon invade the gig, and Stapleton and his band have to fend off the sword-wielding intruders with weaponized guitars and tambourines.

During the fight, a speaker is accidentally knocked into a nearby lake, awakening a sleeping dragon. Stapleton flies off on a hawk to distract the monster while his band constructs a giant Power Ranger-esque robot. The country singer then turns the dragon into stone with his electric guitar skills, amplified by the robot, before returning to the stage to wrap up the concert.

“We wanted to do something fun for this song and it always sounded like a fight scene to me, so we approached The LEGO Group with this idea and a rough outline of what we wanted to do,” Stapleton said in a statement. “Once The LEGO Group gave us the green light, David Coleman and the team at Pure Imagination took that outline and refined and built it into what it has become.”


Earlier this year, Stapleton released “The Ballad of the Lonesome Cowboy” for the animated movie Toy Story 4. The singer also collaborated with Ed Sheeran and Bruno Mars on “Blow.”

Watch the video for “Second One to Know” here:


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