Carrie Underwood performs “Cry Pretty” on ‘American Idol’

The superstar goes back to her reality TV roots.

It’s been a few weeks since Carrie Underwood returned to the spotlight with “Cry Pretty,” the empowering first track from her upcoming album of the same name. And in the time since, she’s appeared on various awards and television show stages to promote the single.

Her latest TV performance is a special one, thoughbecause it took place on none other than American Idol, the show that gave Underwood her big break all the way back in 2005. And during the week contestants performed some of her biggest hits, no less.

Plenty’s changed since then, but all the hallmarks that made Underwood a winner are found all over the performance: soaring vocals, commanding stage presence, and a whole lot of Southern glam.


She’s still a winner. And so is the track. Watch the performance here:

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