Carrie Underwood and her husband star in new short film series

Watch the first installment of ‘Mike and Carrie: God & Country’ now.

Carrie Underwood and her husband (and ex-pro ice hockey player) Mike Fisher have launched a short film series titled Mike and Carrie: God & Country.

The four-part video series is produced in partnership with I Am Second, a Christian non-profit organization, and will lift the curtains on the couple’s roller-coaster life journey. From three miscarriages, to the unexpected gift of parenthood and their sometimes-demanding public careers, Underwood and Fisher will share how they’ve emerged triumphant and maintained their faith throughout.

“We wanted to do this to share some of our personal journey in hopes that viewers will be inspired by it, and maybe even take one more step in pursuing a relationship with God,” Underwood said in a statement.


“Since first filming with I Am Second six years ago, I have seen God continue to grow my faith as Carrie and I have together walked through the natural joys and struggles of life,” added Fisher, who also starred in the 2014 I Am Second film, White Chair. “This new series is not only a continuation of the 2014 White Chair film, but hopefully a reminder to individuals of God’s faithfulness in all situations.”

The first episode, “I Cry Easy,” is available to stream now. The remaining three episodes will each be released over the next three weeks.

In 2018, Underwood released her latest album, Cry Pretty, which includes hit singles “Southbound,” “Love Wins,” the title track as well as “Drinking Alone.”


Watch the trailer for Mike and Carrie: God & Country below:

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