Caroline Spence releases tender track, “Sit Here and Love Me”

    Her third studio album, ‘Mint Condition,’ is due out May 3.

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    Image: Caroline Spence official website

    Caroline Spence has released another new song, “Sit Here and Love Me.”

    The country musician croons over gentle piano chords and tender guitar on the song, which touches on Spence’s experiences with “depression and anxiety.” “I’m alright, my dear / I’ve been this way as long as I’ve been here / I don’t need you to solve any problem at all / I just need you to sit here and love me,” she sings.

    “I’m dating someone with an incredibly sunny disposition, and as a person who deals with depression and anxiety, I’ve had to explain all that to him while knowing he might never fully understand it,” Spence told Rolling Stone. “That song is my way of saying, ‘Don’t worry, it’s okay—you don’t have to try and fix anything for me. Just be exactly how you are.’”

    The singer-songwriter previously unveiled the title track “Mint Condition,” featuring Grammy-winning Americana singer Emmylou Harris, from her upcoming full-length.

    Stream “Sit Here and Love Me” below: