Caroline Spence keeps love in “Mint Condition”

The track features 14-time Grammy winner Emmylou Harris.

When Caroline Spence wrote “Mint Condition” in 2013, she said she wanted to “write something good enough for Emmylou Harris to sing.” Six years on, the up-and-coming Americana singer has recorded the song with Harris herself.

“Mint Condition,” the title and closing track of Spence’s upcoming full-length, is a spellbinding slow-burn that tells the tale of a lifelong love. Harris begins to harmonize with Spence midway through the third verse, their voices blending beautifully to wrap up the track. The song was released alongside the rockier cut, “Long Haul.”

“People tell you to write about what you know, but a lot of the time I write about what I don’t know,” Spence said about the making of the record. “For me, songs are a way to ask questions, and sometimes you end up figuring out the answers.”


Mint Condition is Spence’s first album on Rounder Records, and her third overall full-length. It’s due out May 3.

Stream to “Mint Condition” and “Long Haul” below:

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