Carly Pearce gives advice to the “Next Girl” on new song

“He’ll charm your mama with that smile / Hide the red flags for a little while.”

Kentucky-born singer Carly Pearce has issued a good-natured warning to the “Next Girl” on her new song—which comes months after she filed for divorce from fellow country music singer Michael Ray.

Over muted electric guitar on the verses, Pearce warns her ex’s new flame of his charms, which are actually red flags. “I bet you probably met him at a bar / Let him walk you to your car, I bet,” she sings on the chorus. “He said he never falls this hard / Yeah, I remember that part.”

“We live in a world where there are so many smooth-talking guys who’re so quick to sweep you off your feet—and they always have a story about the girl before,” Pearce detailed in a statement. “So when we were asking ourselves, ‘What would [country icon and fellow Kentuckian] Patty Loveless do?’ We figured not only would she warn the girl, she’d turn over all the cards: how he works, how he talks about the old girlfriend, what he’ll do once he’s got her.”

“Next Girl” comes a few months after Pearce’s cover of The Chicks’ “Cowboy Take Me Away.” She released her self-titled sophomore album in February.


Listen to “Next Girl” here:


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