Carly Pearce falls in love on new self-titled album

    It includes a duet with her husband, Michael Ray.

    Carly Pearce new album Michael Ray
    Image: Kathy Hutchins/

    Love is the subject of Carly Pearce’s brand-new self-titled sophomore album.

    On the record, Pearce goes through the different stages of romance, from the flirtatious beginnings to the sometimes inevitable heartbreak to finding love all over again. It also includes “Finish Your Sentences,” a duet with the singer’s husband Michael Ray. The song is about “that first initial feeling of falling in love,” Pearce told The Boot. “I just felt like it was the perfect song for Michael and I to sing together.”

    Previewed by romantic singles like “Closer to You” and “Call Me,” the 13-track LP is the final project by the late producer Busbee, who also worked on Pearce’s debut album, 2017’s Every Little Thing. “I just feel grateful for the time that I got with him and I feel like it’s my duty to carry on his legacy,” Pearce told Billboard. “Busbee changed our lives. His heart was all over this [album] and I will forever be grateful to Busbee.”

    Stream Carly Pearce below: