Cam drops her new album, ‘The Otherside’

With tracks co-written by Harry Styles, Sam Smith and Avicii.

Camaron Marvel Ochs, known simply as Cam, has released The Otherside, her first studio album in almost five years.

The follow-up to her 2015 sophomore album Untamed, The Otherside is a heartfelt collection of upbeat songs that freely bounce between country and pop. Cam worked with some high-profile collaborators for this record: Acoustic-led album highlight “Changes” was co-written by Harry Styles, while “Happier for You” was penned with Sam Smith. The late Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii, helped pen the album’s title track while Jack Antonoff wrote early single “Classic.”

Cam also took inspiration from Hollywood for The Otherside: Album opener “Redwood Tree” was inspired by 2016’s sci-fi film Arrival, whereas “Till There’s Nothing Left” draws upon the singer’s love of the Drive soundtrack.


“I loved movie soundtracks as a kid where you have scenes that deserve a suspenseful song, and you have scenes that need a dreamy song, so when I make an album, I try and make sure I hit all those points,” Ochs explained to MTV.

Listen to The Otherside below:

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