Buddy & Julie Miller release “Spittin’ on Fire” and “War Child”

The double-release precedes their forthcoming album, ‘Breakdown on 20th Ave South.’

Influential Americana couple Buddy & Julie Miller have made their long-awaited return with “Spittin’ on Fire” and “War Child,” from their upcoming record, Breakdown on 20th Ave South.

On the double-release, the pair return to the twangy, rock ’n’ roll sound of their previous recordings. The laid-back “Spittin’ on Fire” focuses more on their vocal harmonies as instrumentals take a backseat. On the other hand, “War Child” foregrounds heavy guitar chords and thumping drums.

Breakdown on 20th Ave South is the couple’s first release in over a decade, since 2009’s Written in Chalk. Buddy, a prolific producer and musician in his own right, explained the album’s delay in a press release: “In my mind I thought I was always about to get back to work with Julie, but in reality I kept getting put off. I apologized a lot. I look back and I realized I was neglectful. It was a mistake I wish I hadn’t made. What Julie and I create together is fulfilling to me in a way nothing else is and I should have nurtured it more.”


The album is due out June 21 via New West Records. Listen to their new songs below.

“Spittin’ on Fire”:


“War Child”:

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